Responsible Winemaking

Constellation Brands meets the strictest sustainability and environmental protection standards to safeguard natural resources, especially water, which is a fundamental part of our operations. We are committed to doing our part to ensure that we remain a good steward of the environment.

California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance

All of our California wineries and vineyards are proud to be certified as part of the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance third-party Certification Program. The program is based on 227 best management practices and 58 prerequisites covering environmental practices and socially equitable business practices.

Solar Footprint

Approximately 17,000 solar panels at four of our wineries came online in 2010 and 2011, making the initiative one of the largest solar footprints in the U.S. wine industry. The solar power generated is projected to cover most, if not all, of the wineries’ energy needs. The four systems will have a combined solar power of 3.95-megawatt DC, which is equivalent to 4.5 million pounds of emitted carbon being removed from the atmosphere. This amount equates to 9 million miles not driven annually or 226 million miles not driven over the next 25 years.

Water Stewardship At Robert Mondavi Winery

In fiscal year 2016, the winery’s Operations team installed a glycol heat exchanger, completed a landscape irrigation project, and implemented a recovery and reuse line, saving close to 50% of the water used to wash their 35,000 barrels each year.

River Restoration Project

Our Napa Valley Vineyard Operations team collaborated with the EPA and other partners to design and implement a Napa River restoration project which benefits wildlife and promotes biodiversity, increases water quality within the restoration zone, and improves flood control.