Rowan Dean

Vice President Marketing & Growth

Rowan joined Constellation Brands New Zealand in 2015 as Vice President for Category Insights and Australian Sales, and since then has held roles as Head of Australian Sales, Vice President Commercial Development-Asia Pacific, and his current role as VP Marketing and Growth, CAANZ – responsible for the delivery of marketing programmes and innovation within the business’ New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Canada markets.

Prior to joining Constellation Brands, Rowan held a variety of senior sales, marketing and product development roles in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom, including Treasury Wines, Bacardi and Frucor. Rowan’s extensive experience working across the local and international beverage industry has allowed him to develop an impressive strategic and creative skillset, being a driving force behind some of Constellations Brands’ most innovative new products in recent years.

Outside work, Rowan and his three daughters enjoy a shared passion for live music, attending festivals together. In his free time Rowan likes to keep active by running and surfing - to balance the demands of his busy day job in the wine industry!