Mexicali, MX

Diva Lomas

Communications Manager

Diva Lomas is a Communications Manager based in Mexicali, Mexico. She first started at Constellation in 2017 and hit the ground running.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience as a female professional.
I describe myself as a woman of passions. Since I can remember, I have been a fighter. I walk honoring my gender and challenging myself every day. For me the term “feminist” means self-respect and respect for others.

Describe your favorite thing about working at Constellation. 
My manager Nina! I’ve been a huge fan of her work since I started my communications career! Learning from another woman who has embraced me as a professional has taught me so much, and in a personal way she has - helped me grow.

What does your work represent for Constellation?
I feel that what I do is very important. Every day is a new adventure when you are a – communications manager, especially when you work for such a fast-growing and dynamic company. There is always something to tackle. Some days it is a lot to manage, but I get to work every day knowing I can make an impact - and that I’m supported by team members and our leadership.

Who inspires you to be stellar and why? My coworkers, especially Jamie. I love her attitude and perspective on life- she is always smiling, and positive when you are around her.